What’s it all about?


The Best Foot Forward Challenge.

Have fun, running, walking, jogging in support of local charities. 

Best Foot Forward is a community initiative, devised and organised by the Rotary Club of the City of Wolverhampton, which is staged annually on the first Saturday in July at WV Active, Aldersley, in order to raise funds for charities.

The event is supported by some forty community-minded corporate Patrons. who each contribute to the creation of a fund which will be released by those taking part. During the course of the event, which runs from 8am to 8pm, every lap of the stadium will release £1 for the benefit of the event charities from the fund created by the Patrons.

Those taking part can spend as long or as little as they choose at the event and return as often as they choose in the course of the day, with a personal chip keeping tally of how many laps have been covered. When finishing for the day a certificate is available, recording the number of laps covered.

This event, created in Wolverhampton, is virtually unique in the UK and provides the opportunity to take exercise at your own pace and at your chosen time, while at the same time knowing that the calories you are burning off are going to improve the lives of others.

The essential difference between Best Foot Forward and a typical sponsored run is that, for the latter, entrants are required to sign up personal sponsors and then collect and pay over the sponsorship monies.

For this event, there is no obligation to seek personal sponsorship –

all that the entrants need to do is to simply take part –

the charity funding comes from elsewhere. 


The event was first held in 2013 and in the six years since has raised  £ 81,777 for mainly local Charities. 

The Charities. 

Each year the Charity fund is split three ways, between the Club’s own Charitable Trust and two others.

The charities for 2019 were

The Wolverhampton Multiple Sclerosis Centre

Wolverhampton Coronary Aftercare Support Group, and

The Rotary Charitable Trust.


Charities are normally supported for two years – those for 2020 will be announced later in the year.

Other fundraising. 

While there is no obligation for entrants to seek personal sponsorship, we invite other charities and organisations to use Best Foot Forward as their own sponsored walk/run, retaining everything that their supporters raise.

In the period up from 2013 to 2018 the opportunity has enabled a variety of local organisations to boost their own funds by £47,210. – making a total of £129,000 for Charities from staging the event.


Next event. 

It is with great regret that the events which were due to be staged again in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled.

Best Foot forward, 2022 will take place at WV Active, Aldersley, on Saturday 25th June.