What’s it all about?

Have fun, running, walking or jogging in support of local charities.

In brief

  • Event in support of Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre, Wolverhampton Coronory Aftercare Support Group and the Rotary Charitable Trust.
  • Community-minded corporate patrons have created a fund available for distribution to the event charities.
  • To release the fund to the charities, come to WV Active, Aldersley Stadium, on Saturday 6th July 2019, between 8am and 8pm; every lap of the track that you complete will release £1 from the fund for the charities.
  • You do not have to get personal sponsorship.
  • But, you can if you want to – either for the three event charities or for your own favourite cause.

In depth

BEST FOOT FORWARD will be staged on Saturday, 6th July 2019, at WV Active, Aldersley Stadium, when citizens of all ages and abilities get together to clock up circuits of the running track, with every lap that’s completed releasing funds for the benefit of highly deserving local charities.

You can spend as long or as little as you like at the event and return as often as you choose, with a personal chip keeping tally of how many laps you have done.

Every lap completed by participants will release funds which have been donated by companies and organisations in our city in order to build a prize fund for the benefit of three charities – Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre, Wolverhampton Coronory Aftercare Support Group and the Rotary Charitable Trust.

This event, unique in the UK, provides the opportunity to take exercise at your own pace and time, while at the same time knowing that the calories you are burning off are going to improve the life of others.

The essential difference between Best Foot Forward and a typical sponsored run is that, for the latter, entrants have to enter the event, sign up sponsors, take part in the event and then collect and pay over the sponsorship monies.

For this event, all that the entrants need to do is to simply take part – the charity funding comes from elsewhere.

However, we know that some entrants will wish to get their own sponsors, either to boost the event charity pot, or to raise funds for their own favourite cause.

To assist those wishing to take raise personal sponsorship, we have provided two different sponsor forms – one supporting the three event charities, the other which can be made out in favour of a chosen cause. Either form can be printed off from this website.

For those wishing to complete laps together, the option is there to be logged as a group and record both individual and collective laps.  Just provide us with the relevant details when you register.

Remember – When you put your BEST FOOT FORWARD, every lap that you complete will release £1 from the charity pot, which will go straight to helping the vital work of the three event charities.