Q: Normally, when I do a sponsored walk I have to get sponsors to pledge money. Why don’t I have to with Best Foot Forward?

A: The charities will get their money from the amount donated by the Patrons. For every one of the laps of the stadium completed by everyone taking part, £1 goes into the Charity pot.

Q: Why didn’t the Patrons just give the money straight to the charities.

A: Because by asking people to walk for the charities, BFF creates a community event which will contribute to the general level of fitness and help those taking part to get fit.

Q: If I want to use the event to raise some sponsorship as well, can I?

A: Certainly – but there is no obligation.

Q: If I do get sponsorship, does it have to be for the Best Foot Forward Charities?

A: No. We would be delighted if you did, but if you want to raise money for your own preferred cause you can certainly do so.

Q: How would I go about that?

A: On this website there are two sponsor forms for you to print off. Just choose whether your want to support the Best Foot Forward charities, or your own choice.  If you want to support more than 1 charity, try to use a separate form for each one.

Q: A number of us would like to get together to see what distance we can cover in total. Will you be able to tell us that?

A: Yes. The entry form allows you to enter as an individual or as a team of up to 10. If you want more that 10 in your Team, just make out another entry, giving the same team name.

Q: Is there an additional Registration fee for teams?

A: No, just the registration fee for each individual – £5 for a Senior (16 and over) Junior-(under 16) and dogs- no charge.

Q: If the Patrons are putting up the money, why is there a Registration fee?

A: Every £ from the Patrons is going to the Charities. The Registration fee is needed to cover the costs of actually staging the event, including the hire of the microchips, which will record everyone’s laps.

Q: If I raise sponsorship, what do I do with the money?

A: The notes at the foot of the Sponsor Forms cover this.

Q: Is there any limit to the laps I can do?

A: No. You can log as many as you like and even have a break and come back later – the microchip will keep track. You will have to stop at 8pm!