Central Youth Theatre Wolverhampton


Central Youth Theatre, Wolverhampton.

Central Youth Theatre (CYT) provides drama/film programmes to young people aged 4-25 who live in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. Their vision is “Our artistic programme empowers young people to be Compassionate, Creative and Connected.” with the aim of inspiring young people to explore and connect with the changing world around them through imaginative storytelling onstage, in film and within the local community. They do this through weekly meetings, summer schools, specialist workshops, work experience placements, apprenticeships and internships.

It is their members – past and present- who best define what CYT offers and means to them:

  • Increased self-confidence and personal skills that can be used in any working environment. 
  • The chance to take part in artistically different projects which aren’t offered in schools or elsewhere and to influence the direction of CYT.
  • A sense of belonging and a place where they can be themselves and also receive support and direction and be part of a group that embraces all young people regardless of social circumstances or abilities.
  • Pride in being part of a youth theatre that reflects Wolverhampton’s cultural identity, locally and internationally.
  • The excitement of travelling abroad and learning about different cultures, meeting people from around Europe, and forming friendship,

All their projects are also designed to increase participants’ social and emotional skills, creative skills, resilience, ambition and leadership, with the ultimate goal that participation in CYT will lead to increased life chances and long-term wellbeing.


For more information visit www.centralyouththeatre.org



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