2022 Presentation

Best Foot on the move.

Having got back on track at Aldersley in June, at the end of September the action moved to the Civic Centre, for the announcement of the outcome, and the presentations.

Patrons, supporters and Best Footers gathered in the Mayor’s Parlour, where the Mayor, Honorary member Sandra Samuels, extended a warm welcome  and introduced President Sylvia Morgan to get proceedings underway by giving an outline of the club and what we do, and where we fit into the wider world of Rotary


Geoff Lowndes followed up by giving an insight into the origins of Best Foot and how it has developed since the first staging in 2013, before handing over to Richard Horrell to cover the results and the presentations.

Summarised outcome from BFF ’22:

* 403 Best footers logged 10,399 laps of the stadium, a total of just over 2,800 miles.

* 13 of those taking part qualified as members of the BFF 2022 Centurion Club, by recording in excess of 100 laps.

* 37 Patrons made donations which created a Charity Pot of £11,200

* The Charity Pot was shared by Wolverhampton Coronary Aftercare Support Group, The Haven Refuge and the Club’s own Charitable Trust.

* Other charities and groups took advantage of the opportunity to stage their own sponsored walk within the event and raised £7,700 for themselves, making £65,500 since 2013.

* The total funds known to have been raised by BFF ’22 were £19,600.

* Since 2013, the event has generated £161,200, largely for the benefit of local charities.           

*Our thanks go to everyone who sponsored the event, helped at the event, and of course, those who participated.

Geoff Lowndes